Egyptian Cotton Check Quilt cover set SUPER KING Grey Linen Cream White/1350TC


Egyptian cotton is considered to be the finest textile for bedding and linen. When this supreme cotton of the highest grade and length is expertly woven, the silkiest, softest and most durable bed linen is produced. 
Egyptian cotton yarns are smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. This small yarn diameter means that more threads per square inch can be woven into the space, creating and overall stronger fabric that is lighter than any other cottons. This means that they will feel not only incredibly soft but will also feel light to the touch, remain light on the body and not weighed down or overly heavy.
These sheets are made from the 'Rolls Royce' of fibres and will last decades with proper care. Available in neutral colours and a diamond check pattern to suit any decor, they will complement any room.
Material: 100% Egyptian cotton
Thread count: 1350
Contents: 1 x Quilt Cover, 2 x Pillowcases