Cute Unique Handmade Genuine Leather Coin Pouch/Purse in White Leather combo


These handmade genuine leather coin pouches/purses are one of a kind. They are crafted from genuine leather with the utmost of care. They will keep all your coins in one place and some are small enough to attach to your keychain.
They come in a variety of colours in combination with the white leather. Sizes vary, see below for dimensions.
1 - White leather/multi colour fabric stripe (L: 5cm, W: 4cm, H: 4cm)
2 - Off White leather/mustard leather stripe (L: 8.5cm, W: 5cm, H: 5cm)
3 - Off white leather/multi colour fabric stripe (L:8cm, W: 4.5cm, H: 5cm)
4 - Off white leather/pattern fabric (L: 8.5cm, W: 4.5cm. H: 5cm)
5 - Off white leather/red leather stripe (L: 9.5cm, W: 4cm. H: 5cm)
6 - White leather/brown leather (L: 12cm, W: 4cm, H: 5.5cm)