BEST QUALITY Marine Grade Waterproof LED 5050 Strip Light IP68 5 Metres BLUE


LED strip lights with 3M adhesive backing. Waterproof and fully submersible, high quality make with NO exposed wires like you will find on some inferior products. The lights are fully enclosed in silica and are suitable for numerous types of applications including boat, car, caravan and home use. 

LED Quantity: 60 pieces per metre
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working current: 1020 - 1140mA
LED view angle: 120 degrees
Contents: 1 x 5 metre roll
Maximum rating at TA = 25 degrees celsius (Length @ 1 metre)
Parameter                                 Symbol                        Maximum Rating             Unit 
Forward Current                      IF                                  1200                             mA 
Power Consumption                 PD                                14.4                             
Elestrostatic discharge              ESD                              800                              
Operating Temperature             Topr                              -25~+60                        °C 
Storage Temperature                Tstg                                -40~+80                       °C