Bamboo Fibre Cover Memory Foam Pillow - Anti Bacterial - Hypoallergenic


These Bamboo memory foam pillows have a 100% high density space memory foam, these fibres conform to your head, neck and shoulders to relieve stress and tension. They're also hypoallergenic and naturally resist the growth of mould, bacteria and dust mites. The memory foam also helps with pressure relief and improves sleeping posture. 
For even more comfort, the fibers are encased in soft, breathable stay cool covers made of rayon manufactured from eco-friendly bamboo. The bamboo fabric also assists with optimal thermal control. Perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin.  The cover has a zipper making it easy to remove and wash.
Material: Cover (100% Bamboo Fabric), Pillow (100% high density space memory foam)
Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 14cm
Anti Bacterial
Eco Friendly